Houston, TX
March 12, 2016
Gate 10
Scheduled 12:30 PM
Security Checkpoint: Less than 10
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Arrival/Departure City Flight Gate Scheduled Status
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HOU offers several parking options to accommodate a wide variety of passenger needs.

HOU has two self-parking garages close to the terminal. The Red Garage also offers Valet Parking. Both the Blue Garage and the Red Garage feature automated parking locator systems.

Blue Garage & Red Garage Rates:

  • 0-1 hr - $5.00
  • 1-2 hrs - $6.00
  • 2-3 hrs - $8.00
  • 3-5 hrs - $10.00
  • 5-24 hrs - $24.00

Request a copy of your receipt.

For questions related to parking in the HOU parking garages, please contact New South Parking at newsouthparking-tx.com.

View parking map of HOU.