Houston, TX
March 12, 2016
Gate 10
Scheduled 12:30 PM
Security Checkpoint: Less than 10
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Your Key to More Savings, More Convenience and More Service at Houston Airports.

The Corporate Parking Program at HOU is aimed exclusively at businesses wanting to save on expenses with a special corporate rate, along with earning free parking and other perks.

Your employees receive discounts at HOU and IAH, including terminal garages, Valet Parking & ecopark.

In addition, your travel department receives comprehensive reports to track corporate travel expenses.

The advantages of Corporate Parking:

  • Reduced company travel expenses
  • More convenient parking options
  • Individual online accounts for your corporate team
  • Ticketless Access Cards eliminate cashier lines
  • Travelers can earn Free Parking or Air Miles by enrolling in our Parking Plus Frequent Parking Program

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